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                                  CHERUBIM & SERPHIM MOVEMET CHURCH



Palace of Joy sponsors the Ministry, which maintains a stock of canned and boxed food items, as well as toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothes, to be given to members of the community as needed. (These items are donated by church members). During the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, food baskets are prepared, upon request, and delivered to families in need of assistance.


The women ministry is to encourage all the sisters in the church to stand up to their Christian responsibilities so that the church will be lively and progressive. It is to share and iterate the visions and aspirations of the church so that the members will become part of the lives of the sisters. They embrace married women, widows and spinsters who are more than 25 years of age. Finding solutions to the things that affect all these should be the concern of this ministry.


The men ministry is to encourage all the brothers in the church to stand up to their Christian responsibilities so that the church will be lively and progressive. It is to share and iterate the visions and aspirations of the church so that the members will become part of the lives of the brothers. Serve and support the Pastor by helping to develop disciples for Christ, hear God's call and respond, and share their knowledge and skills to become effective leaders and role models in the church, as well as to their families and communities; resulting in individuals accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


The mission of our youth ministry can be found in the Great Commission:

   The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen." 

 Palace of joy's Youth have numerous activities designed to provide service, while having fun with fellow students.  We meet once in month for our monthly TNT (Teens in Truth) meetings.  At these meetings we fellowship together and we examine scripture with a desire to grow closer to God.


They could  have  performed better if only they are without Physical challenges. The incidence of disabilities in our communities is far more common than one might realize. Why not put a smile onto the face of a physically challenged being today?.
 In  most cases , they were not born like that,, Disability can occur through so many means such as ,Aging Accident,Illness, injuries and a wide  no of factors, this may happen to anyone  or could even affect us all at some stage in life.However, it is not a great task to help  enhance a  person like you to make life easier to do daily tasks more comfortable and successful.Below are just few things one can do to make life easier for them.
a. Help  manage or even feel concern for their health and well being
b. Monitoring and giving them support in their hobbies and their daily activities
c.  Making an improvement on their social well being.
d. Living closely with them so that they dont feel isolated.
The purpose of this Ministry is to fulfill the Great Commission as instructed by God to tell others about Him. The Ministry feeds,cloths and shelter the homeless physically and spiritually with God’s Word. The homeless are visited and uplifted in prayer daily. Collections of food, clothing, and Bibles are requested tobe distributed on these visits.


One of the objectives of the Adult Ministry at Palace of joy church is to build strong marriages and families centered in Christ. In so doing, we see couples of all ages and stages of life get connected through social interaction and spiritual development in the study and application of God’s word in their lives.     
Another great and important feature of our Married Adult Ministry is the personal care and ministry you will receive from our members. Whatever your need or prayer request, there are prayer and ministry teams ready to reach out, care, and minister. ​​


​The ushers are to maintain orderliness and see to the neatness of the premises. They are to mobilize members of the church for some general service. Provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone that comes to worship at Palace of Joy Church.


The purpose of having the drama ministry is put an emphasis on ministering through visual imagery and minister the Word of God to the masses.


Provides an extensive training class of the church doctrine, beliefs, and vision. This ministry supports and encourages new members to become good stewards of the gospel, while teaching them to use their gifts and talents for the up- building of the Kingdom of God.

A prophet or prophetess is a person who has been called by and speaks for God.  As a messenger for God, he/she   receives commandments, prophecies, and revelations from God, which he/she imparts to God’s children.  Teachings of ancient and modern prophets or prophetesses provide an anchor of eternal truth in a world of shifting values and help us avoid misery and sorrow. The purpose of this ministry is to guide, protect, and be a watchman   for the church, they are prayer warrior of the church.


The dance ministry provides an alternative to spreading the gospel through dance. Dance includes global dance: African dance, Japanese dance, mime hip and classical techniques all wrapped up in one.